Programs to Help You; Find Your Spiritual Foundation, Reveal Your Sacred Alignment, Commit to Your Truth, Take Action!


Learn Your Life Purpose + Get on Track

You have taken out of the box spiritual courses that teach you spiritual tools to create a service but feel like it doesn’t fit you. Here is the honest truth #truthbomb, one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to alignment in your business. 

If you feel like your scatterbrained trying to come up with a package to offer your audience because of all you know now and have experienced through your spiritual walk, you’re not alone. You have all of these ideas in your head and no clue where to start.  Sound familiar?

The Soul Purpose Profile Call was created so that you can:

>Get clear on your path

>What is in the way  

>What is your unique formula to make magic.

You’ll leave with a customized plan and offering to put into the world, that feels so energetically aligned that your excited to go out there and sell it.  PLUS -after booking you’ll get a mini-crystal healing session within our time together.

Investment $222




Heal Your Mindset, Ditch Your Money Hang-Ups

>You feel like something is seriously in the way of you making money in your business, and no matter how hard you try you cannot put your finger on what this could be.

>You’re ready for soul to soul conversations so that you feel heard on the deepest level you’ve ever experienced

Have you ever wanted to know who you are at soul level? Do you feel like people are talking at you instead of talking to your soul? Here is your opportunity to unleash what is deep inside of you, and step into a new level of spiritual progression by removing barriers in the way of your business success.

You’ll become clear on your life purpose, what path you are supposed to be on, and exactly what is preventing you from moving forward and making the money you desire.

Soul Alignment Mindset + Money Block Clearing is designed to give you access to your own unique karmic information set in your DNA so that you can move through your life making aligned choices and release any residual traumas  or old mindsets. You’ll move forward with a completely unique blueprint customized to who you are at soul level by accessing your Akashic Records.

If you have felt like their is something hidden from your sight causing misalignment, preventing you from business success, or a mindset around money that is derailing business, emotional, and spiritual progression you are not wrong.

Spiritual baggage from past lives, and lifetime cause misalignment. This can display as being stuck, cycles of emotion that we are disconnected from-unsure as to why they are coming up, and the BIG MONSTER–self-sabotage.

My Soul Alignment process brings the cause of block into your awareness (instead of just the result we see) without you having to relive the experiences.

Time to let go of the shit that doesn’t serve you– for good!

This is what energy clearing at soul level does.

Are you ready to make space for real, lasting soul advancement?

Investment $768 (3 Sessions) 


3 Months to Sky-Rocket Your Business Success 

>You’re honestly petrified because you’ve tried other businesses and they’ve failed, but you keep coming back to NEEDING to turn your spiritual services into legit (and profitable!) programs that people desire

>You’re SO tired of thinking, “why is this NOT working?!” and your greatest desire is to have someone guide you with the PERFECT balance of woo + serious business

>You’re ready for a coach who won’t let you “screw up” anymore and will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to grow faster than you’ve ever thought possible

>You feel like your missing the mark in developing your unique soul-led recipe for your business, you have a lot of interests and experience but no clue how it all comes together

First we will hop on a call and get to know each other to see if we are a good fit. No pressure!

I’ll listen to how things have been going in your business and give you a no BS game plan as to how I can help you.

We will work on Soul Alignment Mindset + Money Block Clearing during weeks 1-3 with weekly calls. I make this mandatory so that when we get to the business process and creating new landmarks for success we don’t see any hidden saboteurs or roadblocks thwarting our progress.

Then we will start our program- Sacred Alignment Soul Attraction. We’ll meet bi-weekly–getting in there deep to develop strategies to make your business seriously profitable-quickly! You’ll also get instant access to my Money Manifestation Course, and access to me during business hours via Facebook Messenger.

Investment $3699


Attract Abundance, Finally Make Your Desired Income!

>Your worst nightmare is staying in a job you HATE, and the time is NOW because your slowing dying inside the longer you’re not living your purpose (FULL TIME!)

>You’re tired of making SOME money and feeling like it’s HARD work.  You’re committed to taking the action NOW, so you can double (triple!) your income.

>You’re OVER the woo-woo crowd that says you can “wish it to be”, but you know that fluffy shit doesn’t work alone and you need structure, strategy, and a logical approach

>You’ve tried the one-size-fits-all business advice and it does not work for your spiritual business because it’s out of the box!  

>You’re tired of those over-promising, under delivering courses and coaches that left you with just an invoice, but no tangible business results.  YOU need someone with integrity who will go ALL in with you

>You CRAVE more time to focus on your spiritual walk WHILE you grow your soul-centered empire

>You want someone who can keep you accountable in forward progress, and are ready to move into a stage of consistency in your business 

The Plan to Profit Program is a 6 month plan to get your business consistently making money. We will start our program with a 3 hour immersion designed to get you on the right track, and ready-to-launch a new soul aligned offering that you feel amped about PLUS a game plan on how to sell it! We’ll meet weekly thereafter–to identify black holes in your business that are sucking the life out of you, and where you are loosing potential $$$. We will come up with ways that feel aligned to close these black holes forever, and create money attracting strategies-galore! You’ll also get instant access to my Money Manifestation Course program, and access to me during business hours via Facebook Messenger. Note: The Soul Alignment and Money + Mindset Clearing Program is a prerequisite for this program.

Investment: $7698

Dive into the world of your aligned + abundant business! 

Working with Jenn was eye opening!

Working with Jenn was eye opening. I saw areas in my business where I could show up more to have the impact that I wanted.

She helped to take steps forward in learning what my audience needed and how to better serve them. She not only showed me all the tools to be able to do this but help me implemented the changes– which led to lasting results and booms in my client attraction. It was a great experience that I grew from in big ways. Thank you Jenn for all your help!

Working with Jenn was just what I needed. I am forever grateful.

I was desperately seeking clarity around my messaging– Jenn patiently and skillfully drew it out of me. She led me to places where I could connect with my true desires, which resulted in major bursts of revelation, understanding of myself on a deeper level, and clarity in what I truly wanted to bring to the world. Jenn’s spiritual insight connected instantly with my big vision, and then guided me through every step I needed to take. Working together we created a solid foundation in my business that I have been building on since. I so appreciate her commitment, and professionalism. I am so glad I was divinely guided to her, and that I overcame my fears enough to listen to my divine GPS. Jenn’s coaching has made a major impact in my life and business. I am forever grateful-thank you Jenn for all you have helped me through and for being such a present guiding force at a critical time in my business life!

She not only holds a powerful space for you, but for your dreams as well.

I am a firm believer that nothing happens by chance.  The Universe responds to our energetic vibrations and brings people into our lives who match our vibration.

Jenn’s unique way of coaching has allowed me to dig deep into my soul and incorporate that essence into my branding, and the offerings that I provide to my clients.  Jenn has gone above and beyond by not only teaching me about business, but about spiritual, and mindset principles which keep my energy, and thoughts grounded and in alignment.

Jenn is a spiritual rockstar!  She holds such a powerful space for you, and space for your dreams as well. Her knowledge and expertise has far surpassed my greatest expectations!!!

Kim Mackenzie

She performs magic! No ‘cookie cutter’ here!

If you’re looking for a business coach to help you bring into the world your authentic work that not only is profitable but feels completely aligned with who you are, Jenn is your girl. The foundation of her coaching is soul-purpose based and from there..She performs her magic!

I don’t think I actually realized what ‘soul-purpose’ meant before working with Jenn.  There is no ‘cookie cutter’ here—everything she teaches is always custom and in complete alignment with what you’re meant to do, and bring into the world.

She has the capability to extract from your brain exactly what you’re thinking, and puts it together in a way that leaves you in complete amazement–you know that she isnt going off of a script, that she is listening to and sees you. Jenn has helped guide me to take actionable steps towards my goals and helped me effortlessly eliminate the energy involved in tasks, and relationships that were not serving me.

Simply a beautiful experience. In summary she is; Authentic. Honest. Goal-Oriented.