You are SOOO effin worthy!

You are SOOO effin worthy!

I keep hearing the same story:
Different words but the same story.

The story of ‘I’m not worthy.’

I hear from my friends, clients, followers – “I can’t do _____ because _____.”

The thing is YOU are the creator of your own life, you can do anything with it that you want.


You can create wealth,

you can create an empire,

you can be of service,

you can have a family,

you can fill in the blank….


Your biggest obstacle in all of this is YOU.


There is no one way to create,

there are no ‘right steps.’

You need to believe you are worthy of what you desire, then take the aligned actions for you to cultivate that desire.


You are worthy of that by simply being a human,

by being a soul manifested into a human body,

by just breathing.


You don’t need a diploma,

you don’t need money –

you just need you,

and a sense of trust that you deserve all that you want.


Yes – you will have to work hard,

but if you don’t believe you are worthy, you can work as hard as any one person can work,

and you WONT get there because you don’t have belief as your foundation.


You are so effing worthy – by just being you!!!


I heard from a client last night:
‘someone told me I have to have a certification to do…’


My response:
“If I had a choice between the person who just got out of business school, and has a degree with no experience, and another person who was once homeless, lived on the streets, but found a way to build a successful empire and was self-made, who do you think I would pick as my mentor?”

I would pick person 2 every time.

If education will bring you immense joy,

by all means – go for it!


But if you do anything from feeding a place of I am not good enough –

– your ego is winning.

You are worthy because you are a human living a life where you are learning tons of valuable information all the time,

information that your audience needs to hear and learn from you – the person who has experienced it.

There is no “I can’t _____,”

only “I can and I will.

I am the only one who can, because I am the only me.” 🙌✨
Believe that and you’ll go far.

People May Not ‘GET’ You

People May Not ‘GET’ You

🌸Time changes a lot. 🌸

✨The more you follow a spiritual path the more you become relentless in commitment to stay on an aligned one. That often means parting with some things we once knew, including people, places, relationships, communities, and layers of ourselves that no longer serve us or who we desire to be.

✨It isn’t always received well by others, but when we follow our truths that is of the upmost importance. I will not compromise my truth for my comfort zone, other’s projected beliefs of me, or living in a misaligned way.

In addition to this if you are an entrepreneur, people may not understand how you choose to spend your time. They don’t always understand that a business takes hard work, dedication, and even more, that you are in love with what you do and WANT to spend your time doing it!

Of course, you always have to walk a fine line of balance between your life, family, and business, but if you are committed to the lifestyle of owning a business, you naturally move away from things that just create clutter and distraction in your life.

Things like drama, unbalanced relationships, self-sabotage…
There is simply not space for them anymore.

When you get kickback from others it can feel like a personal attack, but just remember they might not understand, and the pursuit you are on is way greater.  It’s ok to just walk away and say that isn’t me anymore.

Who resonates with me here?

“Creativity without execution is arts and crafts.”

“Creativity without execution is arts and crafts.”

“Creativity without execution is arts and crafts.”

I heard this quote yesterday (on the food network 😂) and I thought YESSS! This is so right on!  You can’t make a masterpiece without mastery (action + strategy + execution.)

I see often people who don’t take their business seriously, or they have grand plans and dreams but don’t take the actions to get there.

It is so important to have a structure and strategy in place so that you are accountable for action.  But let’s be honest, not all of us have this quality innately… we either have to learn structure to rein in our creativity and make it pay out and not scatter us all over the place 😬, or we need to find someone who has this quality as their strength💪.

And even those of us who do have this quality find it nice to have someone to help us, because it can be hard to self-reflect. This is why most coaches have coaches too 🤗.

If you feel like you are all creativity 🎨 and no structure or execution you are not alone!

Reach out creative soul ✨💕👋✨

Business + The Spiritual Journey

Business + The Spiritual Journey

Being a spiritual entrepreneur comes with its benefits and also it’s challenges.

I attribute much of my business success to my spiritual journey. Things before becoming a Soulprenuer didn’t click.

In my first company, I built websites and was a social media consultant. I loved my field and made money – but it didn’t feel good, it felt totally off.

When my spirituality made its way into my business it was like an aha moment…

Not only was I making money but it felt good!

I was able to shift my mindset, bring in my passions and really put my truth out there like never before. It was like using magic!

Now being spiritual and owning a business can also be a challenge, because it’s very easy to get into the ‘flow’ and focus on only spiritual development and lack execution and action taking skills that get you results.

I have been there too.

You can’t only attract success when it comes to manifestation – you need to strategically plan for it.

Many of us spiritual souls are also very multifaceted and this can be hard to formulate into a journey that makes sense to our followers and clients, then we see no sales.

Any of that feel like you?

I would love to hear how you feel like your spirituality is your Biz superpower,

And also your biggest struggles with it…

What are your dreams and goals with your Biz and what is happening now?

You NEED Structure

You NEED Structure

It’s no secret as spiritual entrepreneurs we often lean into the intuitive and lack structure.

But intuition and flow is only one part of business.

Taking action gets you results (and makes YOU $$$).

But, what if we don’t know what actions to take?

Ready to go from zero, to income hero and see much needed shift in your life?

Time to hop on a call with me girlfriend!

Here’s what you will walk away with:

#1 Clarity in your business on what is not working

#2 Alignment to your soul’s purpose

#3 A plan on how to course correct so you get your biz working for you

#4 A game plan on how to make money- FINALLY!

I only have 2 spots available and I am not sure when I will be doing this again.
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Flock or Flee Mentality

Flock or Flee Mentality

It’s very normal that when we first start a business we think ‘I’ll take anyone.’

When in fact this mentality leads us to opening the flood gates.

We attract people we want to work with yes,

but we also attract a whole mess of people that we don’t.

One way we can be more intentional about who we attract is by using our verbiage or copy to attract or detract people.

We get bold about what we say and how we say it so we give people that ‘hell yes I get you, I’m right with you’ reaction or they feel turned off by what we write or say.

This is what I call the flock or flee mentality.

We want our desired clients, that align with us to flock our way because they ‘get us’ and totally can rock with us, pick up what we are throwing down, and then get the other ones to go!

Will you lose followers, yes,

but you’ll identify your ride-or-dies!

And those are the people you’ll want to work with anyways! 💕🙌✨

Spirituality In Business

Spirituality In Business

When it comes to spiritual business, the rules of every other business still apply.

Just because we talk about the principles of manifestation, alignment, and clarity, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take hard work!

In a spiritual business connection, and relationships are just as important as setting good intentions.

In a spiritual business, your action moves you towards manifestation.

In a spiritual business, you create a foundation of alignment and then BUILD it by working in the flow (this doesn’t mean easy.)

In a spiritual business, you have to get your ducks in a row, have an actual business license or permit, know your numbers, project your income, and plan, just like in any other business.

In a spiritual business, you must be professional, keep professional business relationships, and respect others to keep your business in a high regard by others.

In a spiritual business, you have to cultivate skills in marketing, PR, content creation and social media if you want to up-level.

And in a spiritual business you have to make good choices to move towards your set goals and your dreams.

Manifestation, intention, and affirmations only go so far.

Manifestation is backed in action.

Intention is backed in plan.

Affirmations are backed in commitment.

Your name is backed by your integrity

My Manifestation–The Universe Listens

My Manifestation–The Universe Listens

I remember roughly 5 years ago being on a plane with my Dad. I cant remember where we were headed, maybe San Francisco for a conference.

At the time I was working in PR + marketing and working my side-business doing social media consulting and building websites.

We started chatting and somehow the topic got brought up about what our someday lives would look like. I told him that what would make me feel the most fulfilled and what I really loved was business- I would want to be a business consultant so I could combine all my skills into one place; my PR, marketing, social media, email marketing, website skills, the numerous skill I developed through my job like CRM, HR, planning big events like trade shows and even doing some accounting, and the natural entrepreneurship and creativity that pumps through my blood.

Fast forward to today. The intention I set for myself 5 years ago, is what I do, is what I love, and my business is booming.

Plus what I do serves a bigger ripple out affect of helping more people- because more spiritual entrepreneurs making their businesses work means more people that serve the greater good, and more people experiencing healing!

Intention is powerful. In that one moment I knew what I wanted and I could feel what it felt like to be there, and to have it.

I put that out into the Universe. And the Universe brought that to me. I am grateful and blessed.

What are your intentions for your future? What do you want your someday to look like?

Be A Guru

Be A Guru

A guru is someone who exposes the darkness (Ego) in order to bring in the light (spiritual awareness.)

You are your own guru. We all have light, and dark, and have a spiritual mission to separate from Ego in order to cultivate a higher consciousness.

We do not need others to do this job. This is something that is inside of us (a return to the Divine).

However as we become more spiritual we gather tools and skill sets in order to cultivate this awareness from a plethora of places. Others can bring us more tools for more awareness, but we are the guru, the only one who can do the job.

Have you ever heard the expression “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”?

WE have to do the work, WE have to be our gurus. We can serve by providing tools for empowerment but our students, our clients, have to do the action of exposing the dark to become the light.

True Abundance

True Abundance

Do you know that you can have abundance?

I mean honestly, do you believe that?

There is an infinite source of abundance that we can source from at any point.

Fear gets in our way of really knowing this and embodying it.

What could your life look like if you dropped fear and thusly could tap into anything you needed to manifest in your life?

What is the cost of you staying in fear?

The second I realized I had a story around money, (which was extremely deep rooted) things changed in my life.

I realized I believed whole heartedly that I needed to work hard- I mean really freaking HARD in order to make money.

I had separated from my Divineness so much that I forgot there was an infinite source and separated from that truth. I had to separate myself from this story in order to attract abundance, and cultivate a new story knowing all my needs could be met as I needed them without my force.

Sound familiar? I would love to hear your story.

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source.” -Deepak Chopra