Energy Healing

Money Mindset Aura Clearing + Reprogramming

These 60 minute sessions are designed to get you ready to make moves in your business. 

Alignment in your business is the difference between feeling ugh, and lit up!

When we grow it is important that our souls are calibrated to the highest vibration.

If we have blockages in our chakras, or old stories surrounding money (including those within our past lives) that we cant seem to resolve, we are better off in stillness than in action. 

When we take action and don’t have a clear energetic footprint, we may brush into some serious Karmic Walls (and end up unleashing a karmic-shit-storm into our lives.) Just like the law of attraction says- like attracts like. Unclear energy, or motives attract the same back to you.

These karmic walls appear because they are prompting us to look at old baggage, unfortunately many of us do not know how to decode this language. We only see our choice (if we can pinpoint one) and a whole mess of reaction that we have attracted which shows up afterwards making it feel like the world conspiring against us. 

My clearing aura and reprogramming is designed to resolve money stories preventing you from forward motion, and to balance the chakras (especially those which govern our abundance attraction properties- the earth, and soul star chakras.)

Investment $222

Or bundle and save $599 for 3 sessions 



Crystal Healing for Chakra Balance 

These 60 minute sessions are designed to balance your chakras for optimal energy. These sessions are ideal for those spiritual boss-babes who have been hitting it a little too hard for a little too long.

We have a tendency (especially in western culture) to get into a pattern of force in our business…

Whether this looks like getting in a creative groove being at our computer too long, managing too much work, or wearing many hats (mom, wife/significant other, business owner, employee, employer, ect, ect.) it’s easy to forget our own self-love, and self-healing routines. This causes us to feel depleted because our cup has run dry.

Time to fill up your cup and heal your energy so that you can be all that you want to be!

Crystals allow us to tune our chakras so that our energy flows free again. They open the nadis, awaken our kundalini, boost us spiritually, heal our physical body, DNA, and create much needed balance between the sacred masculine and feminine energies.

Not only will you learn about where your energy has been blocked, and have it restored, but you will gain access to powerful information–your restorer crystal–which is a crystal that you resonate with on a soul level and can provide optimal healing to you in every area of your life.

Investment $193 

Or bundle and save $511/ 3 sessions