Online Courses & Workbooks

All of these offerings are self-paced online courses and worksheets for entrepreneurs who are self-starters. My offerings will help you find branding clarity, help you to structure your company better, and help you to increase your client base.

If you are a part of a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing Company) and are sick of being salesey, and selling to (and annoying) your friends and family, I will teach you a different way.

In this course you will discover how to look at an MLM company different, make you own unique and new way of selling, and be able to make a healthy income in this field-without selling out.

Cost: $97

Are you unsure your clients are finding exactly what they need on your website, or if they are even sure exactly what you offer?

This workbook will teach you the art to directing the masses through your website clearly, and how to direct them to your product (or service) to increase your sales.

We will also dive into clarifying your website copy (your wording) and making sure all of your imagery is on brand.

Cost: $42

Not sure what your purpose is? The ‘Why’ behind your business is more important that the what.

Learn how your ‘Why’ becomes your basis for all your marketing activity, and sales copy.

This workbook will get you and your customers clear on your brand, and what you offer.

Cost: $37